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Labour Shadow Health Team Visit Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst and Discuss VasoDynamics’ Technology

New treatments for the prevention of the side-effects from anti-cancer therapy

30th January 2024 VasoDynamics Ltd, the pharmaceutical company developing patient-friendly therapies for the prevention of debilitating side-effects induced by anti-cancer treatment, met with Wes Streeting, Shadow Health Minister, and Peter Kyle, Shadow Science Minister at Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst to present their innovative platform technology and the pipeline programmes NG11, NG12 and NG13 for the prevention of anticancer therapy-induced mucositis, dermatitis and alopecia respectively.

Gary Bower, VasoDynamics’ COO, outlined the innovations to achieve the prevention of debilitating mouth ulceration from chemoradiotherapy, hair-loss from chemotherapy and severe dermatitis from radiotherapy. The investigational medicine NG11-2, for the prevention of mouth ulceration during chemoradiotherapy in patients with head and neck cancers, is currently in an ongoing clinical trial in the UK, supported by 5 NHS hospitals.

Ningfeng Fiona Li, CEO of VasoDynamics, said:

“We are very grateful to have the opportunity to present our exciting new treatments to the Labour shadow Health team and look forward to getting these new treatments to patients as soon as possible.”

For enquiries, please contact:

Dr Ningfeng Fiona Li, CEO +44 7969132263
Gary Bower, COO +44 7960388412

Notes to Editors:

About VasoDynamics

VasoDynamics is a UK-based pharmaceutical development company focused on improving the standard of cancer care globally. Recognising the mounting cost pressures facing healthcare payers all over the world, VasoDynamics is developing cost-effective medicines for the prevention and treatment of debilitating, and often dose-limitin,g complications of cancer therapy, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy-induced mucositis, dermatitis and hair-loss. The company’s proprietary technology platform utilises the different dynamics of normal and cancerous vasculature to achieve selective protection of normal tissue during cancer treatment whilst facilitating anti-cancer therapy efficacy.

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