The company’s technology is currently
differentiated in three formulation
platforms with several product
pipelines for the protection of skin,
mucosa and hair for various types of
cancer patients.

NG12 Prevention Of Radiation-induced Dermatitis

NG12-1: Prevention Of Radiation-induced Dermatitis
Invesitigator Initiated Phase IIa Trial (NCT01263366), early completion with statistically significant efficacy and well tolerated safety.

Radiation-induced dermatitis is a very common complication of radiotherapy with95% of treated patients experiencing dermatitis on radiation-exposed skin.

Symptoms can commence within a few days of the start of radiotherapy, and range from redness (Grade 1) and swelling (Grade 2-3) to blisters and ulceration (Grade 3-4); in severe cases, the radiotherapy treatment for the cancer needs to be discontinued and the head & neck region, breast, chest wall and genital areas are particularly prone to radiation-induced dermatitis.

Our preliminary human data for NG12-1 demonstrates a substantial reduction in skin erythema following radiotherapy in breast cancer patients.

NG11 Prevention and Reduction Of Radiation -induced Oral Mucositis (RIOM)s

Prevention of chemotherapy-induced alopecia (hair loss)