VasoDynamics initiates NG13 optimisation development with key appointment

Preclinical team strengthened to optimise development of NG13 for the prevention of chemotherapy-induced alopecia

• Dr Andrew Leinster, Head of Preclinical Research

8th February 2024 VasoDynamics Ltd, the pharmaceutical company developing therapies for common complexities in cancer treatment, today announces a key appointment to strengthen the preclinical development of the NG13 programme for the prevention/reduction of chemotherapy-induced alopecia.

Ningfeng Fiona Li, CEO of VasoDynamics, said:

“With the promising clinical progression of our platform products, supported by follow-up funding from our existing shareholder Good Ventures Foundation, we are pleased to initiate the formulation optimisation development of the NG13 programme for the prevention/reduction of chemotherapy-induced alopecia. The optimisation development includes the establishment of an in-house 3D-bioprinting in vitro model and external collaborations on in vivo model testing followed with the production process development. We aim to achieve clinical readiness for the optimised NG13 programme and move the company’s product pipeline into the next strategic stage. We are delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Andrew Leinster as Head of Preclinical Research; Andrew brings abundant experience to strengthen VasoDynamics’ in vitro and in vivo research as we move the NG13 programme into the next phase of development.”

Dr Andrew Leinster, Head of Preclinical Research

Andrew is an experienced cell biologist and translational research scientist, who has held various positions across cancer research and pharmaceutical research functional disciplines. He is an experienced Preclinical Scientist with over 15 years academic and industry experience and with expertise in cancer biology, immunotherapies, novel delivery mechanisms of in vivo expressed biologics (modRNA nanoparticles and oncolytic viruses). This is combined with a background in drug discovery using in vivo and ex vivo studies to translate therapeutics to regulatory approval.

Andrew said “I am excited to be joining VasoDynamics as the Head of Preclinical Research and supporting the preclinical development of the NG-13 programme and future projects. I look forward to contributing to the preclinical pipeline for VasoDynamics and the benefit of cancer patients.”

For enquiries, please contact:

Dr Ningfeng Fiona Li, CEO +44 7969132263
Gary Bower, COO +44 7960388412

Notes to Editors:

About VasoDynamics

VasoDynamics is a UK-based pharmaceutical development company focused on improving the standard of cancer care globally. Recognising the mounting cost pressures facing healthcare payers all over the world, VasoDynamics is developing cost-effective medicines for the prevention and treatment of debilitating, and often dose-limitin,g complications of cancer therapy, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy-induced mucositis, dermatitis and hair-loss. The company’s proprietary technology platform utilises the different dynamics of normal and cancerous vasculature to achieve selective protection of normal tissue during cancer treatment whilst facilitating anti-cancer therapy efficacy.