GHP Biotechnology Awards 2023
VasoDynamics Receives Global Health & Pharma Biotechnology 2023 Award

VasoDynamics receives Global Heath & Pharma Biotechnology Award 2023 as Most Patient-Centric Cancer Care Solutions Provider – UK

8th April 2023 – VasoDynamics Ltd, the pharmaceutical company developing patient-friendly therapies for the prevention of debilitating side-effects induced by anti-cancer treatments, has received the Biotechnology 2023 Award from Global Health & Pharma (GHP) as Most Patient-Centric Cancer Care Solutions Provider- UK for their platform technology and pipeline pharmaceutical programmes targeting the prevention/reduction of anticancer therapies induced severe mouth ulceration (NG11), dermatitis (NG12), and hair-loss (NG13).

Dr Ningfeng Fiona Li, CEO of VasoDynamics, said:

“VasoDynamics is devoted to developing innovative products for the prevention and reduction of debilitating side-effects from anti-cancer therapeutics. As cancer diseases are becoming increasingly common and chronic, we see an increasing yet under-recognised need to provide effective medicines that can transform the cancer supportive care landscape and dramatically improve cancer-bearers’ quality of life, allowing patients to live with anti-cancer treatment without losing self-signatures. We are delighted to have received the award from GHP in recognition of the impact of our platform technology and remain committed to advancing our pipeline products development in clinical trials.”

For enquiries, please contact:

Dr Ningfeng Fiona Li, CEO +44 7969132263
Gary Bower, COO +44 7960388412

Notes to Editors:

About VasoDynamics

VasoDynamics is a UK-based pharmaceutical development company focused on improving the standard of cancer care globally.  Recognising the mounting cost pressures facing healthcare payers all over the world, VasoDynamics is developing cost-effective medicines for the prevention and treatment of debilitating and often dose-limiting complications of cancer therapy, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy-induced mucositis, dermatitis and hair-loss.  The company’s proprietary technology platform utilises the different dynamics of normal and cancerous vasculature to achieve the most effective protection of normal tissue during cancer treatment whilst enhancing anti-cancer therapy efficacy.